Frequently Asked Questions:


-Can I make a reservation at Camille's?

Yes!  Please call and we do our best to accommodate parties of all sizes.  We have several seating options for all types of occasions.  We have long communal tables for large parties, small intimate tables furnished with low cushioned seating, standard tables/chairs and lounge area with high top booths/chairs.


-Why is there only one size pizza available at Camille's?

We apologize for any inconvenience but we only make one size pizza.    We absolutely mean no offense.  Our pizza oven cooks at a very high heat and a larger pizza would not develop the crust we love.  We are passionate about wood fired pizza and the 14” size we make works best in our oven.  We take a lot of pride in our menu and we want everyone to enjoy the best we can do.


-Are there gluten-free, vegan, nut free…etc. menu items available at Camille’s?

Yes!  We have gluten free pizza crusts made here in CT by Still Riding.  All of our salads can be made gluten-free and a handful of our small plates can be served gluten-free as well.  We can customize quite of few options for all types of dietary restrictions and preferences.  Please inform us if you have any allergies or concerns.


-Do you cater/deliver at Camille’s?

Unfortunately we do not deliver.  If you work in the Tolland area please feel free to call ahead and occasionally we can deliver you lunch ($30 min.)!  Unfortunately we do not have drivers on staff but we like to be as accommodating as possible.  We have a catering menu in the works.  If you would like us to cater an event please call and ask for a manager.  We can put a package together that works for you!


-Is there a kid’s menu at Camille’s?

We do not have a separate menu for kids but we do have plenty of options.  Our small plate of spaghetti is a healthy portion for our young guests and won’t "break the bank” ($5).  We have designed our small plates to let all our guests customize their dining experience.  We make our “Classic Pie” with a high quality shredded mozzarella for kids and adults who like to enjoy their pizzas covered in cheese!


-Does Camille’s serve alcohol?

We pride ourselves on our beverages here at Camille’s.  We carry several local craft beers and an ecletic variety of red and white wines.  We apologize, but do not have a full bar/spirits.  We offer eight beers on draft and we have several more in can and bottle.  We often rotate featured wines and beers, so please ask our staff about new selections!


-Why do you package your prosciutto pie separately for take-out?

We source a quality prosciutto here at Camille’s (prosciutto di parma, imported from Italy).  We love the texture of this product in it’s raw form.  We package the prosciutto and arugula separately in order to maintain the freshness.  If you would like us to “dress” the pizza for you, please ask, we don’t mind!!  We cook the prosciutto on the pizza upon request as well!!