At Camille's Wood Fire Pizza, the fire in our oven crackles at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and produces a  perfect crust on our fresh pizzas, that will warm any soul. We mixed a bowl of classic with a touch of new and pinch of revolutionary. Try some of our small plates, designed for sharing, pairing, mixing and matching.  We use all natural products from organic and sustainable farms whenever possible. The chefs here at Camille's prepare foods with passion, dedication and integrity.




“I met Camille in a pizza restaurant over a decade ago.  We grew friendly but neither one of us would have ever guessed we would fall in love and open a pizza restaurant of our own. The food, service and atmosphere at Camille's Wood Fired Pizza all reflect our unwavering commitment to the restaurant, our dreams, our family and one another.”  



Owner   Camille

Camille comes from a long line of amazing hostesses.  Her mother and grandmother won't let you enter their homes with out providing food, beverage, warmth and conversation.  Camille has followed suit.  She has worked in service all her life hosting corporate events, weddings, showers and more.  You just might want to come see her as much as you come for the food.


Chef/Owner Dave

Dave has worked all over Hartford county perfecting the art of pizza.  He has developed a true passion for food as he progressed through culinary school and the last 15 years working in professional kitchens.  Dave has made stops at Luna's, Naples, Harry's, Frank Pepe's, Mondo and more.  A few years back he had the pleasure of working for Chef Billy Grant and Chef Corey Cannon.  He sincerely regards those years as some of the best cooking and learning years of his career.  He has brought all his experiences to Camille's to provide a unique dining experience. 


GM Dennis


Dennis is truly a character.  He has energy and charisma to spare.  He graduated Temple with a degree in entrepreneurship.  His vision brings a youthful and modern boost to the atmosphere at Camille's.  Similar to the others, he has also worked for several restaurants and start-up business ventures.  Most recently he polished his skills at South Edison in Montauk, NY and has since returned to Connecticut to keep Camille's fresh and exciting.  

 Sometimes referred to as the "beer guy," "cat with the shoes," or his favorite... "Fuzzy Baby Dennis!"